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 Waterfront Development and Downtown

The current waterfront development happening downtown brings up large concerns with cost, impact on vehicle traffic flow, safety and the possible impact on Finlay Bridge.Personally, I would be against any development that impacts the flow of traffic over Finlay or Maple Avenue bridges. I believe that further developing our downtown is a great idea and something we need to work towards, but it has to be done the right way. As stated, there are many concerns to this project and these aspects need to be addressed with the public’s say in mind. After all, it is the public’s money making this development possible. Are we in a position to throw money at the waterfront development at this time or would we be better off spending some of that money elsewhere in the city? With all the issues involved in the waterfront development, more work needs to be done by listening to the concerns of those that could be impacted by the development. 

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