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Recreational and Sporting Facilities

These facilities are what hold neighborhoods and communities together. We need to look at how we can keep our pools and recreational centers viable, cost-wise, for the benefit of everyone throughout the city. My family and other residents of Riverside know what it is like to have facilities closed in our area. We need to address the issues with closing facilities such as the Crestwood and Moose Recreation Centers and find some way of making them financially feasible. Additionally, the removal of the handicap accessible playground at the Family Leisure Centre has been a concert that has been addressed to me by a variety of people, as far as I’m aware it was the only playground of its type in Medicine Hat. The Veiner Center is a very important part of many senior’s social lives and I’ve heard rising membership fees are making it hard for some to afford. The rising fees are likely because of declining membership rates with the issues the Veiner Center has been having for years now. I’d like to hear from Hatters about the closure of facilities and get your feedback on how these closures are impacting your everyday lives. Let me know what your concerns are and what your ideas are for possible solutions.

If you would like to support, please reach out Via Phone or Email

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