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What I’d Work Towards if Elected

  • I would not agree to the sale of our publicly owned utilities.

  • I am opposed to the waterfront development that will impact vehicle traffic downtown or over Finlay and Maple Avenue bridges.

  • I would be open and honest with you about decisions I have made and the reasons why I made those decisions. I’d also like to hear from you about your opinions and concerns before those decisions are made.

  • I would get city finances in order by curbing spending, funding practical investments, and   maintaining and utilizing the properties we own whenever possible. There are many spaces in our city-owned buildings around town that are not being utilized. Why are we spending money renovating the old post office across from city hall? Is it being renovated for Invest Medicine Hat? These are the questions I will ask.

  • I’d like to see a hire local initiative when it comes to municipal projects, whenever possible. The money that is made by local companies and their employees stays in our community. The money we pay out for projects is funneled back through the community, instead of being spent by contractors and their employees who live elsewhere.

  • I would find ways to keep more money in your pockets by lowering utility rates and taxes. We can ease the financial burdens that many are facing right now, somewhat, if we do a better job with your tax dollars.

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